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The product name:Cutting machine

The basic characteristics:Type special length cutting machine is carbide trim plate type、Special cutting bar、Cutting equipment,The use of special working mesa,Wear-resisting durable。

The maximum cutting thickness:42mm

Apply:Cemented carbide、Tungsten steel

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The product name:Drying machine

The basic characteristics:Stir bar is compact with knife scraping wall,Stir well。No dead Angle,No material,After the material out of the barrel,Not agglomerate,Do not form a smooth dough。

Design features:The traditional process combining as a whole,Simplify the operating procedure,Reduce the labor intensity

Suitable for industry:Into the wax、Stir、Use dry one

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The product name:Sintering furnace

The basic characteristics:Driven by hydraulic piston、Under the condition of vacuum will match good forming agent of cemented carbide powder raw material forming for the bar、Steel tubes、Long plank

Design criteria:20Years of service life,Horizontal double door structure、6000The furnace

Suitable for industry:Used in hard alloy、Metal ceramic、Stainless steel、Ceramic, not of metal

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The product name:Extrusion machine

The basic characteristics:This machine adopts vacuum principle of water molecules in cylinder air bubbles out first and then to extrusion。

Operating modes:To use artificial foot switch preloading,Uniform density after the extrusion molding products。

Suitable for industry:Medicine、Food、Chemical industry

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The product name:Alcohol recovery

The basic characteristics:Through the vacuum pump dryer in alcohol through heating steam into gas through a filter into the cooler

Heating mode:Ohmic heating/Induction heating/Microwave heating, etc

Can match:Can match the vacuum mixer、ZVacuum dryer, etc

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The products are in the cemented carbide industry、Metal powder injection molding industry a wide range of applications
You still looking for a family
Powder metallurgy equipment manufacturersA headache?
The quality is not reliable、Whether low consumption
Can customize according to the requirements
No professional design team
The process is not standard、The cycle of insecurity
After-sales service is not perfect、No on-site maintenance
Choose the east fujian vacuum science and technology of the three major reasons
a:A number of vacuum furnace manufacturing experience15Years of engineers provide vacuum furnace technology service for you。
b:More than one heat treatment service engineer to provide you with heat treatment process。
c:Can be customized for you vacuum furnace or other equipment technology,With heat treatment services,
Can provide you with from the field、Equipment selection and so on service system as a whole。
a:Industry qualifications team of engineers,Design professional、Personalization
b:Parts adopt imported from abroad、Security、And reliable、Stability!
c:After the vacuum furnace installation,According to the technical agreement of both sides of the final acceptance,And vacuum
Indicators、Temperature indicators、Alarm detection of three systems15Road test。Ensure that standard、0The fault
a:Vacuum furnace machine free warranty1Years,For equipment maintenance for life。
b:Specialist visit old customers,Listen to customer feedback,Timely follow-up maintenance。
c:After vacuum furnace equipment failure notice will be2Hours to respond,6-24Hours
Arrived at the scene。

Into the east fujian

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Dongguan east fujian and vacuum technology co., LTD  East fujian vacuum technology co., LTD. Was established in dongguan2015Years5Month,Is a professional research and development and production of powder metallurgy equipment of high-tech enterprises。The company has experienced professionals in developing a sintering furnace equipment and experienced production team and efficient after-sales service center,After continuous efforts to innovation reform won a number of patented technology。Company main products are vacuum skim pressure sintering furnace、More skim vacuum sintering furnace atmosphere、Silicon carbide skim sintering furnace atmosphere protection、MIMMetal injection molding skim sintering furnace、All metal thermal field skimmed sintering furnace、Ceramic black furnace and mixing、Dry、Extrusion equipment, etc,At present, the company to deliver customers to use all kinds of sintering furnace with equipment has nearly a century。Company production of powder metallurgy equipment specifications,Can meet the demand powder metallurgy factory and test the unit,Can also according to customer requirements of various non-standard equipment...
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Factory equipment

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NewsThe present situation of the domestic vacuum drying furnace industry is analysed
Domestic vacuum drying furnace industry there is a great gap compared with abroad,Everyone in the market,But not in technology,So many years,Equipment is no progress,Even many companies because of pressure to survive。Device configuration more do more,Finally only manual and necessary hardware。A large part of the vacuum drying oven fan to maintain a speed,Very few of frequency conversion。Inflatable can only by manual operation……

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