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Chongqing auspicious xin pull gate factory is a set research and development、Production and manufacturing、System integration and service high tech enterprise。The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment,Cultivate a group of professional and technical personnel,Products are exported to all parts of the country。My factory production of stainless steel pulls doors and Windows、Pensu gate、The electric telescopic door、The brake、Stainless steel mesh door、Stainless steel security door、Stainless steel butterfly doors and other kinds of products,With its beautiful modelling、High quality carved fine grinding、Perfect service to win the new and old friends from all walks of life。

Auspicious xin in chongqing,With technical survival,By the good faith based,The management idea,According to the different market positioning,Tailored to complete、Innovative product solutions。Company with"The good faith and mutual benefit co-prosperity,Gonna get"The enterprise culture,The inspiration、Innovation、Meticulous,Efforts to create good products for our customers,Provide a good service,Company technical force is abundant,Have professional and technical personnel,In order to"Quality,Do the door with conscience"Faith and persistence,Make our awareness and recognition in the market is higher and higher。Auspicious xin in chongqing“For detail”And“Human nature”。。。

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ProfessionalLeaders engaged in switch doors and Windows, stainless steel products

  • Chongqing auspicious xin is a set research and development、Manufacturing and service door to high and new technology enterprise。
  • Main products are stainless steel pulls doors and Windows、Pensu gate、Totally enclosed gate、Stainless steel security door、The electric telescopic door, etc。The product series is complete、Specialized manufacture product coverage,Application field widely。

And provide you with high quality productsProfessional services

  • Chongqing auspicious xin actively introduce advanced technology,Continuously improve equipment and process,Perfect production management system and quality guarantee system,To ensure the quality of the products sell well all over the country。
  • We insist on“Attentively service”The principle of,Strictly control the product quality,Provide high quality products to our customers、Professional installation services。

With technologyThe core,Depending on the qualityLife。

  • Products with the lever、Heat insulation、Decoration、Easy to integrate、Easy to install、Easy maintenance as one of the characteristics。
  • Quality assurance:The company has a large number of ten years of installation design personnel,Advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment,Strict production quality management system to provide you with quality assurance。
  • Safe environmental protection:The main material is made of stainless steel materials,The sound、The light、Dust、Taste multiple low pollution emissions。

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Intelligent brake technology parameters and function characteristics

Intelligent brake is after many years of careful development、To develop、Intelligent channel management of production equipment,Is the main channel for personnel for intelligent management of high-tech products。The equipment will be machinery、Electrons、The microprocessor control and various identification technology organically integrated,Through selecting various identification system equipment and the reliable performance of safety protection device、Alarm device、Party

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Intelligent parking fee management system is so hot?

Why intelligent parking lot management system so popular?1、The traditional manual charge prone to a loophole in the capital,Reduce the efficiency,And there is a charge card change issue,Especially in the rush hour,In the parking lot entrances prone to congestion phenomenon;With the development of technology,License plate recognition in the parking lot management system gradually replaced the traditional charge parking system,Free

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Some common problems of the gate

1、Do you sell of this gate is how?Answer:How do you do,Gate is calculate by square,The unit price multiplied by the body of the actual size.Thank you for your support!2、Pull the gate package freight?

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Constant efforts,Strict with himself,Chongqing auspicious xin sincere service to the customers

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