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   Chengdu bright car transfer mechanics co., LTDWas established2008Years,Formerly known as:Wuhou district bright car vehicle maintenance and repair services,The company mainly focused on:Fiat various series models,We only focus on service Yu Guangfa fiat car owners,Light vehicle transfer main service in the service: Whole vehicle changing color,Personality change color,On-site maintenance,Dynamic vehicle upgrade,24Hours of roadside,Vehicle insurance claims,As long as you a call,The rest are our operation to you,We are equipped with professional dust-free construction,Have a first-class technical team,Car owners to provide various services for the vast number of fiat series。

Bright send a car:Because the focus so professional ,We only serves the masses of fiat car owners——Is the home of the fiat car owners all maintenance!

Light car send 2:We offer24Hours roadside and insurance services——As long as you a call,No matter you we arrived at any time throughout the country!
BrightThree car remit: You drive to come over,The rest of the work is to us,We are only waiting for you to take the car!

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